How to keep skin smooth and soft in summer?

Our skin changes with the seasons. In winter, the harsh temperatures tend to dry out and weaken it. If summer seems to offer more comfortable temperatures, the fact remains that the skin can become more sensitive if it is not given the care it needs this season. Between UV rays, dehydration, allergies and the vacation beaches, the skin needs protection during the summer season too! Here are some tips to keep your skin looking smooth in the summer.

Why does the skin change in summer?

Summer is often synonymous with vacation: rest, sandy beaches, the sea, the sun… So much so that we almost forget to look at our skin and its needs. Also during this season, the skin changes. If it tends to dry out in winter , we often notice the opposite effect in summer: the sebum becomes fluid with the heat, which makes it even more visible and can cause shine to appear on the face.
The pores thus naturally secrete sebum and water in a balanced way. But in summer, when you sweat more, the body can quickly run out of water and become dehydrated. The skin of the face then does not have enough water, which can unbalance the hydrolipidic film. This lack of hydration encourages the skin to secrete more sebum, which also has a water retention function. The dermis then goes into a vicious circle, can become fatter , and imperfections can then appear.
To make matters worse, summer is often one of the seasons (along with winter) when the body and skin undergo sudden temperature transitions. Between the heat from the outside and the air conditioning from the inside, these big changes in temperature are little appreciated by the skin. The total absence of an intermediary in this sudden transition also represents an attack on the epidermis, which is weakened.
In the end, summer quickly becomes a season when the hydrolipidic film becomes sensitive and unbalanced. In order not to come to this and keep skin smooth and soft by the beach, it is important to continue to take care of it, even during your vacation away from urban pollution!

Some tips for smoother skin in summer

Continue to remove makeup and cleanse your face

Double cleaning is your ally at any time of the year! Even if you don’t wear makeup and have just spent the day at the beach (or in the mountains!), Removing makeup and cleaning your face is important to maintain its beauty. This double cleansing is essential to keep the epidermis in good health since it allows to remove excess sebum and other impurities that could attack your face.
At the end of the day, apply and massage your face with a cleansing oil then a gentle cleanser, or combine the benefits of cleansing milk and micellar water with Eau de Laitof Collosol. You will give your skin an extra moment of comfort after this day. Collosol has a few surprises in store for you soon to take care of your skin in summer and all seasons of the year and offer it even more cocooning moments!
At the start of your routine, remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your skin. You will avoid bringing bacteria to your skin, which can trigger pimples, but also other disease risks in these current times.
Once or twice a week, include a gentle exfoliant in your beauty routine. This weekly scrub is important to get a new skin and allow it to better protect itself. At the same time, add a cloth mask to your routine. The ideal this season is to choose a moisturizer, which you can leave on after the exfoliation to allow the pores to absorb the moisturizing action of the mask. Conclude your care with a moisturizer such as a cream or a light serum on the skin.

Moisturize your skin from the inside out

We are sure to repeat it to you already: drink water! This advice, to be applied all year round, is essential to take care of your skin, but also your health. You will quickly notice the benefits: you will be less tired, have fewer headaches, and your skin will regain radiance and smoothness. Your body will have its immune system strengthened and your kidneys and liver will no longer strain excessively to function properly. In summer even more, our body expels water through perspiration. It therefore needs enough water not to become dehydrated.
There are several tips for getting into this habit. Make sure you always have a bottle with you so you don’t run out. Keeping her next to you will make yourself more likely to drink. For a more ecological touch, you can opt for a water bottle that will be reusable rather than a plastic bottle. Apps on your phone can help you do that too, sending notifications from time to time to remind you to drink.
And to vary the pleasures, you can also drink tea or any other water-based drink. Be careful, however: contrary to popular belief, drinking very hot is not ideal for beating the heat. This encourages the body to sweat, which then tends to become dehydrated faster. Conversely, drinking too cold sends conflicting signals to your body, which cuts off the sweating mechanism. In hot weather, the ideal is to drink lukewarm!

Protect yourself from the sun and oxidative stress

According to top dermatologist in Islamabad ,The sun is surely what we appreciate the most in summer. It is vital for our organism since it allows the synthesis of vitamin D, itself essential for the good assimilation of calcium. Vitamin D therefore helps keep our bones, muscles and heart healthy.
While the sun is essential for our good health, prolonged exposure can have harmful effects on the skin. Among its immediate harmful effects: sunburn or even burns, appearance of herpes pimples and skin spots. In the longer term, UV rays promote the oxidation of cells, which then generate waste: free radicals. The presence of these is quite natural: our body is equipped with antioxidants responsible for destroying them to maintain a balance.
But an imbalance and a surplus of these free radicals can be dangerous for the body: this is called oxidative stress. Free radicals attack the body directly and then cause undesirable effects: premature aging of the skin (drying out, appearance of wrinkles), but also of the body. Oxidative stress can be responsible for degenerative diseases linked to age such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, but also cardiovascular diseases or cancer.
To maintain the radiance of your skin, but also good health, it is therefore important to protect yourself from the sun. During prolonged exposure, apply a sunscreen suitable for your skin with a high protection factor (SPF50). Renew this protection regularly, at least every 2 hours, both on the body and on the face. Also wear a hat with long brims or a cap with a visor to further protect your face and to prevent sunstroke.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Summer is also often synonymous with barbecues, grills and perhaps also fresh rosé. These excesses quickly resemble those of winter! Indulging yourself is important, but consider adding vegetables and fruit to your dishes. Seasonal vegetables go very well with summer grills. You can also favor waterlogged fruits, such as watermelon, for extra hydration. Alcohol, which also promotes oxidative stress, is obviously to be drunk in moderation, and always accompanied by a glass of water to avoid dehydration!
All bodies are bodysuit bikinis! To keep it in shape, practice regular physical activity.
One last detail that should not be overlooked is sleep. It is during the night that the body allows itself a moment to stop and rest. This is also the case for the skin. A good night’s sleep is important for cell renewal and allowing it to regenerate. If you’ve followed a proper beauty routine by applying skincare before bed, you will help your skin repair and protect itself for the morning and the following day.

Do not neglect the skin of your body

If the skin of the face needs to be protected, so does that of the body. While it is usually protected by clothing during other seasons, this is much less the case in summer. It is then more exposed to external aggressions which can weaken it.
Protect your body with sunscreen when you go out. After days at the beach, with sand or sea water, your skin may well need to get rid of the excess impurities it accumulates. You can then exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliant once a week. The skin will then be smoother, softer, and regain radiance. Finally, remember to moisturize it regularly with a light moisturizer.
If the cool shower is good for summer, don’t overdo it. Neither too hot nor too cold: just like the drinks you consume, the ideal is a lukewarm temperature, which will not weaken your skin. We also respect his skin during the bath! Relaxing baths are easy to perform : add 3 capfuls of Eau de Lait to your bath to intoxicate yourself with a light and delicate fragrance and perfume your skin with softness. Enough to have smooth and hydrated skin after your bath!

Taking care of your skin in the summer keeps it smooth throughout the season, but also better prepares it for the colder seasons that follow. Performing these small daily actions only takes a little time and allows you to maintain smooth and soft skin!

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